The company held the 2017 New Year Party Golden Monkey gives farewell to the old year, and Ruiji sends spring

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Golden Monkey gives farewell to the old year, and Ruiji sends spring
On the evening of January 16, Shanghai Soho-Yiming New Year Gala was held in Lianyi Loquat Ecological Park in Qingpu District, Shanghai.

The party was presided over by the company’s deputy general manager, Mr.Zhou. Mr.Zhou affirmed the company’s 2016 performance and conveyed to everyone the New Year greetings from the headquarters and Mr. Song.The general manager of the company, Mr. Zhou made a New Year's speech before the begining of the dinner: 2016s is the second year that we have joined the Ankebio, and it is a year worth remembering. This year, under the conscientious work of all our employees, the company successfully completed major projects such as overall relocation and new GMP certification. Mr. Zhou concluded that in the first half of this year, when production was affected by the relocation work, the company’s business has maintained sustained and stable development and achieved expected good performance under the entire economic background and the industry’s severe winter. The company's care and support are inseparable! This is also inseparable from the hard work of all of us at Soho-Yiming

Afterwards, the dinner officially began. During the banquet, talent shows were interspersed and arranged, and dozens of prizes ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 RMB were set up in four rounds.

At the end of the party, Mr. Zhou Dawei encouraged everyone: "Soho-Yiming has gone through sixteen years. Sixteen years, from a small laboratory in Luodian to a new GMP factory covering an area of 20 acres; from a batch of several grams in our laboratory to today’s massive batch of 6 kg. Sixteen years of history, there are rapids and rapids, but more graceful; the sixteen years of history, it embodies the perseverance of Soho-Yiming’s friendship and China’s peptide business! A new year is coming, let’s walk together in the coming years and join hands to create a new chapter in Soho-Yiming's peptide business.